Selenca, a small city with about 3500 inhabitants, has been for centuries located in the heart of the pannonian Plain. The experience and original farmer healthy nutrition recipes are the basis for the whole ZDRAVO juices production.
The fertile soil, the good amount of water and the mild climate allow us to grow high quality fruits and vegetables which are a good basis for high quality end products.

ZDRAVO project, which has been launched in 2002, has since attracted attention of many domestic and foreign consumers, mainly thanks to a well chosen production program and high quality products.

In the ZDRAVO factory there are final products that are being made using the heat treatment of fruits and vegetables:
V továrni Zdravo Organic sa tepelným spracovaním ovocia a zeleniny vyrábajú salads, ajvar (pepper spreads), compotes, marmelades and jams.  Cold pressing of fruit and vegetables without using additional water and sugar produces conventional and 100% organic juices.

No preservatives

All the products of our production program are made without the use of chemical means, ie with no preservatives.
Pasteurization is the only form of product preservation.
In our factory we are using the latest technology of production according to our own protected recipes, which are the result of our research team. At the same time we are complying with the requirements of all legal articles and standards. All products are regularly inspected by the Institute for Food Technology and each one has its own attestation – a quality certificate.
During the construction and establishment of the factory, the requirements of all legal articles and the requirements of the standards were respected in order to achieve the ultimate goal of protecting the health of the consumer.

Quality first

Since our company has been launched, we have invested our resources and knowledge to achieve the highest possible standards. Our work is rewarded with certificates and awards that prove that we care about protecting our consumers, workers and the environment.

• EN ISO 9001:2008
• EN ISO 14001:2004
• BS OHSAS 18001:2007

In Serbia, we were the first to be certified by the environmental protection system for food production and processing. We try to do our best to protect the environment, but above all – to protect YOUR HEALTH. Our gentle nature behavior reflects in the quality of raw materials used for producing our products.